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Salem Oregon Wedding Venues

For anyone wanting that incredible plunge into voluptous, cherry blosom, river-wending Spring for their marriage-openers, Salem Oregon Wedding Venues ( presents the perfect lawn-laden, tree-lined possibilities inherent in wedding in Oregon's capitol city.

There is a point in life where Truth becomes cliche. Consider the axiom regarding the ultimate value of "location, location..." Cliche or not, though, it doesn't make it any less the Truth. For the 2015 and 2016 brides whose Big Days are to be in Salem, Oregon, wedding venues will be key in determining the success of just about all the nuptial activities.

Salem Oregon Wedding Venues exists because of that fact. It is a wedding planner directory to many of the most interesting places to get married in and around this important Oregon population center. It is cross-referenced by Types of Salem Oregon Wedding Venues as well as by their location relative to either Metro or Greater Salem. This site is dedicated, with virtual exclusivity, to Salem, Oregon, wedding venues. You will not find wedding dresses, or hair style chat here. You will find quick information on the best of all the fabulous ceremony and reception wedding locations in Salem and in Oregon's Wine Country which surrounds much of it.

Types of Salem Oregon Wedding Venues

We know the more quickly you can be connected with the perfect "where", for your wedding ceremony or reception location, the better for your peace of mind. One way to facilitate this is narrow your selection by the type of venue which best fits the logistics of your wedding.

There are as many types of Salem wedding venues as one could hope to have as a viable selection of possible nuptial places. These are ceremony and reception locations of uncommon interest, signature venues, not mere large boxes. Here are the Salem vineyards  and gardens, the Salem theaters, great houses, estates, resorts, hotels, and farms which can make perfect matches for not only your Great Day, but also your accommodations, pre-Wedding parties, and rehearsal dinner. These locales have been selected for their possessing a distinctively Oregon atmosphere. Each offers the flavor of an environment quite apart from much of what can be the national chain "experience."

Wedding Venue Locations

We have organized the venues by location. Metro Salem Oregon Wedding Venues covering, essentially, the city of Salem, Oregon, and Greater Salem Oregon Wedding Venues representing the "near away" areas from winelands through the beginning of the mountains. This includes a variety of venues to choose from such as wedding ceremony and reception venues, banquet reception facilities venues, wedding garden venues, theaters venues, vineyards venues, resort venues, hotels venues, conference facilities venues, ballroom venues and hall venues.

Venues locations include Salem, Corvallis, Silverton, Albany, Independence, Mount Angel, Turner, Rickreall, Amity, Gervais and Woodburn are amongst those to be located in this general section.

Along with this, we have provided access to some of our sister sites, should your wedding day location needs fall Outside Salem Oregon Wedding Venues and into other parts of this scenic state.

All these wedding locations in Salem Oregon Wedding Venues have come to us largely via our invitation. This invite was extended based often on the good experiences we, ourselves, have enjoyed while working with them in our parallel capacity as professional wedding photographers. Within a venue's Information Pages, you will find some lovely photos of the interior and exterior of the site, often along with details on indoor and outdoor capabilities, seating capacity, amenities, and offered services such as catering. There are links also to the individual venues' own web sites as well as contact information for tours and bookings. 

The All-Important Wedding Venue

Earlier, we mentioned that the wedding venue will set the mood of the Day. Indeed... In fact, much about the wedding will be judged by its venue. The "where" of the wedding sets a mood from the moment of arrival of the first guest, til the last piece of cake is smuggled into mom and dad's car and the lights go out. That means the venue is important.

And that mood is not a singular matter of the location's physical setting. A gorgeous environment--as massive a Plus as it may be--is not sufficient to ensure an event's success. Along with their exhibiting a wonderfully distinctive identity and beauty, Salem, Oregon wedding venues must function virtually as precision engines in order to ensure the smooth feeding, seating, entertainment and overall comfort of anywhere from a few dozen, to several hundred people of varying ages and physical conditions.

What makes the Salem wedding venues wonderful is that they continue a pattern found along the Willamette River Valley, from Eugene, through Portland. The Oregon State Capitol is a hub to both some of the most scenic areas of the Northwestern United States, as well as a home to a Sampler collection of architecture which exemplifies much of what makes the State so special in this regard. The wedding venues Salem offers to couples reflect an area which is at once a river city and a kingdom of gently rolling hills and vineyards--all the while being a gateway to the volcanic uplands of Central Oregon, as well as a conduit to populous Portland.

In fact, "special" may not fully cover everything which is special about these places--but "just right" may work. For you...

Check them out. Enjoy. 

Salem Wedding Venues and the Weather

Incidentally, you might also enjoy receiving a little heads-up regarding what you can expect The Elements, when planning your wedding. We have now added a section on Salem Weather with an overview of the situation, plus links to further local, state, and national information.