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As mawkish as the statement may seem, there is magic to be found in virtually every wedding. But it's a funny thing, Magic... It's almost always there at the event, but it doesn't show up in some people's wedding photography. There's a reason for that...

It's the joyful job of a Salem wedding photographer to recognize your magic and capture it. It's what separates "uh...OK" wedding photography from something which lasts as a tribute to all the Wonder which is part of the commencement of your marriage. It is also why you don't want friends shooting your wedding, but that's another story.

Oregon-based since last century...Artful Images Photographers specializes in capturing precisely the magic inherent in your Salem wedding. Photography which covers not only the literal details of your wedding but also the intangibles which will paint it as an event with a little transcendence, a little...magic.

And,'s wedding photography which covers all of your wedding, even the 50% of it the two of you will miss because you can only be in one place at a time, and so much goes on away from the bridal couple. You'll be moving through the event, mingling with your guests, while cool stuff is going on just out of your line of sight. It's part of your wedding day, and you'd love to see it, so your photographer had better be aware of its going on.

Check us out at our main site, Make your own call on our instincts and intuition. The photography should speak for itself. You'll find much of joy there.

If that's what you are searching for in your wedding photography, get in touch. We offer all sorts of package flexibility, along with many options of effects such as sepia, black & white (a speciality), vintage/retro. Anyway... We--as a happily married couple, ourselves--wish you many congratulations on your wedding, and much happiness in your marriage.

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