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Salem Weather Information

All right, so it rains; there we've said it. It's not like that's such a secret about Willamette Valley weather, but it's something a couple should keep in the front of their minds when selecting from Salem wedding venues. Salem, Oregon is what you enter on, then scroll down to the map, click on interactive, pull back to a state-wide display, then click "Next 6 Hours." If it's Summer, and if you see nothing but virtually cloud-free area with no (none, zero, nada) green rain radar blotches, you're probably OK for your outdoor wedding reception.

Anything else...figure there's at least a fair chance you're going to end up with at least a partially indoor event.

But that "partially" should be taken into account as well. Weather in the Salem area tends to come and go pretty quickly. Spring, in particular, can be both drenching and sun-brilliant in the same five minute span--sometimes even simultaneously, astonishingly enough--which is great news for anyone seeking a cheery omen for her Wedding Day.

Salem wedding venues, though, are not rookies to such seasonal mischief and have generally suitable back-up strategies at the ready should the barometer prove capricious. But "generally" is not "always," so the prudent planner will inquire on this matter before selecting the venue.

Along with the previously-mentioned Weather Channel, Salem weather information is available through the virtually indispensible Oregon Department of Transportation website's . Click on the upper left-hand corner of the Oregon map for Salem area weather and traffic.